Statement Outfits

Marcel Duchamp Toilet Dress

With fantastic parties looming over our heads (summer brings fun times in the city), this is the time I typically invest in a couple key looks that will turn the right heads.

What’s sexier than a Tom Wesselmann nude sheath? pointed out the arty fashions emerging from resort 2012, particularly graphic, cubist pieces in the Oscar De La Renta collection, The Rodnik Band is in trend. If anything, it’s burning ahead, leaving the old-timers to the over 60, above 60th street set.

The Rodnik Band, according to its London designer Phil Colbert, is an amalgamation of music, art, and fashion, forming a modern art concept. Individual pieces are typically covered in sequined; Beware! All spectators are in danger of giving girly whiplash. He pulls ideas from Van Gogh, Duchamp (a toilet dress!!!),Warhol, Mondrian, Lichtenstein…… (the list of art giants goes on) Their marketing scheme, highjacking the music scene to show off their collection is working.

Right now, they are available online, so order now….. and you’ll have something in time for the next big thing.