Steve Aoki, Lavo, Sexy Good Time

Its typical for people to play musical chairs at the commencement of a large dinner party. Everyone is strategizing, determining how to get the best seat to suit their needs.

Not Steve Aoki. He took a seat that pinned him between the table and a wall, towards the center, versus the head, offering better seats to friends ad strangers alike.  Considering the dinner went on for hours and he had a set to perform at its conclusion, one can assume he forgo-ed luxurious bathroom and  smoking breaks to chill out with his crowd for the night.

He set the mood for the night.  The crowd-goers were literally on top of each other, sweaty, cramped– a lil pissed…but Aoki quite literally  made it rain.  The biggest surprise of the night, Marshall Barnes, was just the cherry on top a sloppy mess of a champagne sundae. Enjoy the pics courtesy of Lavo and Kirill was Here.