Brian Donnelly, KAWS, & Toy Art @ The Standard New York

Companion by KAWS, Brian Donnelly


Wondering why a massive, grayed-out Mickey Mouse is haunting The Standard Hotel?

Previously exhibited in Connecticut and Hong Kong, the Companion, stationed at The Standard’s plaza til October, is delightfully shallow.  Brian Connelly (a Brooklyn boy!!!), nicknamed KAWS, divulged his point of inspiration:

“Originally it was in Hong Kong for Harbour City. When I was invited to do the piece, I went and saw the site. And immediately I was like, “God if I had to sit out here, I would just be mortified if this many people walked past me.” And that’s how that pose came. ” (NY Times)

This isn’t Brian’s first time in the spotlight. Also responsible for the 808 Heartbreak cover by Kanye West, and clothing designs for A Bathing Ape, he is synonymous with fluid transitions between mediums. A Jack of all trades in the art world.

Come by; stop and stare before our shy guy leaves the city.

Now til October 2011

Plaza @ The Standard Hotel

848 Washington St

New York City