The Pool @ Le Bain

wide photo le bain pool

So what constitutes a pool? Merely 4ft deep, and hovering at a sudsy 100 degrees, it walks the fine line between sextub and pool, but The Standard Hotel is sticking to its original estimation.

Ete d’Amour/ Nouveau York did well last night. Dmitiri from Paris laid down a monumental set last night. The energy was amazing; Le Bain was packed. Beneath the glittering disco pool, powered by the moon light, the pool was buzzing with good times.

Wondering what all the fuss is about?  The best way to understand the magic that is the joint work of Andre Saraiva and  Andre Balasz is to pay a visit. Here are some pics:

two girls in pool at le bainphoto of gay men and couples in pool

All pics by 24HPP