It All Started With a Dream

pool at the dream downtown hotel

This summer will not be about the sexy hot tubs at Le Bain. Why settle for a sudsy wading pool when a beautiful basin of love awaits at The Dream Downtown? The opening party, last night on June 16th, was in full swing. Leigh Lezark on deck, supermodels, celebs, and nightlife glitteratti in tow…I’m a believer.

The baby of Chatwal and Noah Tepperberg/Jason Strauss of Strategic Marketing Group, it centers around a massive pool floating between two towers, its floor clear, providing voyeuristic delights for lobby guests.

While Le Bain will continue to be the top hipster spot, it is definitely losing its throne as the top nightclub in NY. Sweet dreams; pics of the opening party(s) are here.

Lounge @ The Dream Downtown
355 West 16th St
New York City