Thursdays @ Southside

sexy girl at southside

cute dress southside crowd

euro men

DJ Jeffrey Tonneson, who also plays at The Box, brings in a lively (utterly smashed) crowd of Euro(trashed) and moneyed young urbanites living out their hipster fantasy. Shipped in runway booty balances out the room between delightful tack and overwhelming beauty.

Be prepared for raucous dancing, drunk girls (we love) giving heart-felt “I’m a star,” performances and dear Jeffrey.

The DJ has a weakness for the ladies. He hearts music lovers, takes their requests, and will even join in and dance… if they are young, lithe, and lovely.

Sound? Healthy mix of 90s hip-hop, electro indie rock, disco, oldies, and progressive house.

10pm-4am; door closes at 3:30
1 Cleveland Place
New York City