Ph-D/Dream, an Amazing Dissappointment

Stunning View From Ph-D

Chandelier at Ph-D Lounge
DJ booth at PH-D

Psychodelic DJ booth at PH-D

ph:All personally taken via Iphone

After a massive media build-up Chatwal’s competitors can have a sigh of relief. Poor organization and layout obscured the finest features of the Dream Downtown. The pool, long/skinny, and only 4 ft deep is perfect for drunken dips but the deck closes at 11.30 pm. Further more, the staff encourages guests to reach it via a silvery staircase–not the elevator used for the rest of the compound. The rooftop is beautiful. Milanese sharp lines, sumptuous leather accents, and the most stunning cocktail waitress staff sets it apart. The view is astounding. Beyond anything else I have seen in NY so far. If only it was bigger. With better music. A cross between Thom Bar/A60 and Boom Boom. The best of New York is supporting it. The Olsen twins came by tonight (Wednesday), I bumped into Liv Tyler on Tuesday, and Kanye West came by on Monday. Its something special now, but in a year it won’t be anything more than a fabulous pre-gaming spot or a sexy location to end a “to-bed” date.

Some warnings to new visitors:
1. The door is a mess, riddled with unnecessary security check points. Expect to wait a bit before entry.

2. It’s set up for bottle service. The bar area is nice and centrally located, but bottle clients take priority for deck seating.

3. On Tuesday night, the DJ was horrific. There were some interesting (hispter) song selects, but the basics of mixing and song transitions alluded him. I preferred the model DJs by the pool.

4. The crowd is OLD. Well connected, lavishly dressed, but who else can afford $20 beers? exactly. Thank God for the promoters bringing in young flesh.

The last beam of hope is the basement. The staff mentioned plans to construct a basement club–and that might be the real gem of the Dream Downtown. I am going to continue to hold my breathe.

Will be reviewing restaurant and pool deck this week.