Pumped-Up Kicks to The Club

The Betty by Isabel Marant
ph:Sole Search

All the cute hipster girls are rocking vintage Airs. My big feet (sz40!!!!) prevent me from diving into this microtrend, but I wont succumb to sex goddess heel-dom. I am tired of dressing up to clubs. I am tired of being sexy. I want to be a pretty slob. One quick ( whole paycheck) solution? The Spring/Summer 2011 Isabel Marant Betties.  They’re sporty, dainty, and soooo f’in cool.  Who doesn’t love a Betty?

Reminiscent of last year’s Pierre Hardy’s and a bite off of Margiela. Perfect!

Here’s some pics of Heidi Klum and Kate Bosworth; Bettified and in action.

Heidi Klum Pumping Gas, Looking cute
Kate Bosworth high stepping at Coachella 2011
ph: Upscale Hype