Sick Mixtape, DJ Jeffrey Tonnesen

dj jeffrey tonnesen with two models
ph: kirillwashere/BMF

I met Jeffrey Tonnesen one Thursday night @ Southside, due to a blonde bella galpal(wink wink) introducing us. He took all of my requests, making our (conjoined spirits) favorite song, “Dance Yourself Clean” the culmination of a lovely evening.

Consequently, I was all ears on Friday (he spins every Fri@ PH-D) when he told me about his mixtape. Its sexy. Its delicious. Of course!! This is Jeffrey Tonnesen, who span at the Vuelve Cliquot Polo Match, the Bienelle in Venice, the DVF show, for Rag +Bone, Prada, and for a bevy of A+ list celebs (Jay-Z, Leo DiCaprio).

The mixtape pulls from diverse acts, including Uffie and Kanye. With DJ Mike D among his fans, this release is bound to make a few waves.

I can’t load it onto my blog (just yet) due to dastardly technical difficulties. Here’s an easy link to dubset’s stream and download it here.

Check out Dubset for more mixes, including the Nice Radio/disco mix and Live@the Box/electro & disco.
Where to find Jeffrey Tonneson:

Wednesdays@ Avenue
Friday@ Ph-D