Moombahton, Island/ Dance/House @ Le Bain

Diplo’s little minions— Munchi and T &T’s Jillionaire are linking up with Rok One to bring some island fever to Le Bain.

I’m excited. Because it isn’t disco, because a whole new crowd will be flooding Le Bain’s doors, AND (most importantly) Trinis in the house!!

As (Diplo’s label) Mad Decent’s ambassadors of Moombahton, we can expect a lot. Moombahton is an exciting trend in itself. Some argue it’d Dutch house slowed down… 108 bpm ( think reggaeton)_…. extended build-ups, and new drums/percussion elements, thanks largely to Afro-Caribbean & Latin influences.

DJ Munchi
ph: Hot Muffins

I think it’s new. David Newton(Nada) started everything by slowing down AfroJack’s Moombah at an American highschool dance. From there? It was re-accepted by the Dutch but largely developed by Americans, like Diplo, who slapped his signature back onto major pop acts. Nina Sky, Santagold, Hotchip…M.I.A.)

If you are not in love with it and have had a weak introduction, Friday is worth the effort. As a house movement, it’s already here. I’ve heard major Dutch DJs, like Chuckie & Sunnery James w/ Ryan Marciano, whip it out during sets. Usually its one of the highlights of the night.

DJ Jillionaire
ph: Feral Party Kids

Friday, July 8, 2011
Le Bain @ The Standard NY
444 West 13th Street
New York City