Riviera Sundays @ Lavo NYC


Momentous Sunday family dinners are a mainstay of Latin homes and Riviera Sundays borrows from cultures all along the Mediterranean.  Initially starting with a three-course dinner, things get wild with the fourth course (a light dessert). The tables are cleared, and the initial party revelers—- leggy models shipped in for this exact purpose, dance haphazardly above.  Drunk on wine and in the best spirits, it’s the beginning of the show for the rest of the diners.

Each week has a different theme: Mad Hatter, Masquerade, Winnie the Pooh.  Each night starts with Italian folk music (food on the tables)  before transitioning into progressive house (models on tables), Moroccan music (belly dancers on tables), and finally Latin music. This is when the South American attendees steal the show!

Young are dancing with old; there’s a light flirt in the air. The food is divine. It’s basically the typical wedding with a touch of Uptown meets Vegas. In other words? The best wedding ever!!


Every Sunday @ Lavo NYC

39 East 58th Street (58th and Madison)

New York City

Enjoy some choice pics of me n my friends:

ph: All personally taken