HBO’s Entourage Knows How To Dougie; Afterparty @ PH-D, Dream Downtown

Of course Shallow Gal would get ushered over to the table of Adrian Grenier (nice guy), Kevin Dillon aka Dollface, and Kevin Connelly (even sweeter).

Last night HBO celebrated the beginning of Entourage’s last (8th) season.  The entire cast was present.

DJ Jesse Marco did an amazing  job from the booth, opening with nu-disco, electro indie rock, and random goodies before delving into the 90s hiphop (when the Patron was in full force).

Me and my girls? We had the time of our life. So…the door is not as tight as Boom Boom. But the crowd is younger, the music’s better,  and did I mention the surreal produce? Few things inspire bliss like a bite into an utterly perfect, plump, and deeply ripened strawberry. Very few.

The Entourage get together is one of many celeb charged events brought to PH-D, and hopefully I will cover more. Enjoy the pics! Courtesy of Bianca Allen.

Kevin Dillon and His Baby Blues

Adrian Grenier is a Great Dancer

Kevin Connelly, the Handsome Devil

Belles of the Ball