Jeffrey Tonnesen @ Lavo; Our Baby’s All Grown Up

ph:Lavo NY/ Strategic Marketing

Shallow Gal first met the lil tyke at Southside, holding down hipster Thursdays. He was the DJ that took all the requests from the crowd, working them in, magically, and beautifully blended.

Sure–he worked Lavo’s infamous Bikini Brunch and the Dream Downtown “Sunset Saturdays” but it was Dadalife two weeks ago that did it. Jeffrey opened to sparkling reviews. According to MTV’s Akshay Bhansali:

“DJ Jeffrey Tonnesen spun a pretty stellar opening set, which included David Guetta’s bombastic unreleased gem “Bass Line” (off his electronic disc Nothing but the Beat double album)…”

I heard from high-up at Strategic Marketing (who own Lavo/Dance-Music Mecca) to expect a replay of his set before, but with headliner’s panache, of course!!

Click here to learn about Jeffrey’s mixtape.

Thursday, July 21
Lavo NYC
39 East 58th St
New York City