Sundays are Fundays @ Goldbar W/ Jesse Marco

PH:Kirill Was Here

Sunday nights at Goldbar is the place to see everyone who works at night on their day off. It’s a teeny lounge, with delectable drinks(mojitos!!!!), and great atmosphere, i.e. sexy cocktail waitresses, memorable decor (gold skulls lining walls) and NO BOTTLE SERVICE PRESSURE!!

ph:Kirill Was Here

Jesse Marco’s, who span at last night’s Entourage after party, reminded me of it at the DJ Booth. Sure, he’ll rep it. He’s the headlining DJ. But what about the random spotting of Avenue doormen, and infamous promoters—like Ricky Campbell, Matt Lipton, and more? They can get past any door—– but Fundays are Sundays at Goldbar is their home.

Jesse Marco/ DJ Sinatra/Jon Lennon & Liberty Records
Sundays @Goldbar
389 Broome Street
New York City

ph”Kirill Was Here