Bring on the Heat! It’s Time For Rosa Cha

Rosa Cha Swim 2011ph: Getty, Rosa Cha Spring 2011 At 104 degrees in New York City, it’s official—-it’s too hot for clothes, or is it?  Keeping in mind local codes for decency, I’m cutting a compromise with my fellow citizens. Rosa Cha? This infamous Brasilien label prides itself in minimalism….. in other words? Everything is as small as possible. Did you notice? The bottom is a whimsically colored triangle hovering above the backside. The front is dangerously low, and the tops are fabulously adjustable (perfect for the sunbathing enthusiast).

Rihanna At Play En La Playa En Rosa Cha

ph:Rosa Cha Press Team There is a method to the madness. Lower cuts lengthen the torso and slim the waistlines. Mystically small backs raise the bum and make it appear rounder, tighter, and sooo much more delectable. Take note in the pic below: American Granny Panty in the Back, Teeny-Weeny Taste of Heaven in the Front. Melissa Satta in Bikini in Sardinia ph:MoeJackson So ask yourself over the weekend? Am I sweaty due to the weather, or is there something I can take off? If all else fails—pick up some Rosa Cha.