DJ Japanster & Nasty Mondays@ The Gallery (Le Poisson Rouge)

ph: Le Poisson Rouge

DJ Japanster is a fine reason to leave your home on a rainy night. The rest of the line up is an additional treat (Mad Max, Sören, Ivan Rodriguez). There are few occasions where one can dance alongside appealing people w/o pretention to good music (cool djs) and avoid the fear of door rejection. This is one of them. (DJ Japanster spins for instance, at Le Bain, Madame Wong…)

Here’s a more exact description: 50’s rockabilly with 80’s new wave, 90’s grunge/hiphop, recent hits n remixes (electro/indie/nu-disco/hiphop)

The deal gets better. Open bar on vodka cocktails til 11pm. Cheap drinks (mixed cocktails start at $7!) all day long. Cool space. The gallery is an art gallery on/off, with beautiful decor; tables carved from industrial foam, intricately filigreed Asian thrones, and church pews.

So come?

The Gallery @ Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street (by Thompson)
New York City