Toes Worth Suckling @ TenOverTen in Tribeca

Vogue Scan of TenOverTen
ph:Vogue October 2010

tenovreten pedicure area
ph:Well and Good

Having been reminded this weekend that flipflops are a privilege, not a right–I’ve been on the hunt for hot feet for cheap.

TenOverTen complies with my demands. Sexy nail polish colors (fume-free RGB, Chanel, Nars). Beautiful surroundings: limestone slab workstations, Belgian linens, and well-dressed constituents in a light filled loft.

Most impressive bits? Pedicures are only $35, and they include Spa Belle service, like easy tipping via credit card, a sweet/chatty staff, wine/cheese served, and a WiFi equipped iPad for your browsing pleasure (versus the messy and unsightly US Weeklies).

While I always recommend bringing your own clippers for hygienic purposes, the pedicures are done in large buckets versus the difficult to keep clean foaming baths. We were assured by the co-owner Adair Ilyinsky, “The buckets are Fantastiked with bleach everytime.”

Feel free to schedule an appointment, but with 11 pedicure stations, walk-in service is encouraged. After all, with last minute summer adventures, who has time to plan for suckling?

Tenoverten Tribeca
ph: NY Magazine

Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-10pm
112 Reade Street, by West Broadway
New York City