Jeremie Khlat/Madame Wong

So there is no password. THe hype is not quite reality. But Madame Wong offers a lil more than a secret handshake at the door. Reminiscent of Suede(and its legendary indie rock/punk Sunday party), there is an understanding. If you come in—– you’ll be be friendly, hip without prevention. You won’t hog the tables and chairs so your posse can look cool in the corner. You will dress well. Not rich, but well. Like the poor traveler aspiring for stardom on the streets of the Marais.

Without promoters, free drinks, or preferential treatment, the cool kids came out. I saw models –dirty, grungy, and dancing without the slightest care. I saw rich business with ties off, ushered by cooler/more appealing friends. Looking around the room, beneath glowing rouged balls and Chinese characters, the Frenchies were not the biggest standout (clumps of lanky men/women with espresso eyes and pale skin), it was the Americans. They were dancing JOYFULLY—- first to gangsta rap classics, then neo-punk, and disco…. and it’s what Jane’s Ballroom was in the beginning. Le Bain was in the best of times. Except pretty people are not strategically placed. The drinks are reasonably priced. And its not crowded!!!! No sweaty corners, 10 person cues for the bathroom.

Jeremie Khlat is performing once more tonight. I suggest coming by, but ultimately Thursday (with Simonez in residence) is the best night—with the best crowd. Expect the constant flash of cameras. It’s a place to be seen, but leave the hooker heels at home (No prostitutes allowed).

Madame Wong Red Balls and Disco Ball

Madame Wong@ Joobee
3 Howard St (btw Centre/ Lafayette)
New York City