Kaskade@ Lavo NYC

I’ve heard the criticisms. Kaskade(Ryan Raddon) is too commercial. But so is Lavo, and finally, instead of watering down icons of dance music (Tiesto, Avicii, Aoki, Calvin Harris), Lavo will give it to us straight, because it can with Kaskade.

Here are some fun facts on Kaskade:
1. He is from Chi-town, Chicago.
2. He speaks Japanese fluently
3. He is a Mormon, and spent two years as a missionary in Japan.
4. He started djing at Brigham Young (Thank God for blessing house music)
5. He is that tight w/ the Canadian Deadmau5. Look at the collaborations “I Remember” and “Move For Me”
6. Noah Tepperberg personally requested Kaskade to celebrate his birthday.
7. He is dropping a new album this fall, so expect to hear some unreleased songs.

Hence, this will not take place on Thursday. Lavo is opening on a WEDNESDAY. Be prepared to face death with hordes of drunk, skinny bitches. GET A TABLE.

Kaskade w Dragonette
ph:Kick Kick Snare
Wednesday, August 17th
Lavo NYC
]58th and Madison
New York City