Dj Sky Nellor @ Mister H

Sky Nellor listed The Weeknd as her latest source of inspiration.

DJ Sky Nellor and Jrose are mums on exactly what to expect on Monday nights at Mister H (a 1930s Shanghai inspired speakeasy), but judging by the Mister H aesthetic and her track record, I would say sophisticated (sexy) house? Relatively commercial.

Monday is a well promoted night at Mister H. JRose, who also does Sundays at Juliett, is reliable for celebrity appearances, a healthy smack of lithe lovelies, and strategic publicity.

laser lights and pretty crowd at mister h mondrian soho
ph: New Art Dealers

Portia Rossi and Nelli mondrian soho mister h
ph: CheckUserAccount

The crowd will be pretty. Come prepared. Sky Nellor is pretty. Former model who graced the cover of Vogues. See that plural?

Mister H is an attraction in itself. Three distinct venues in one: a VIP corner, a main dance floor complete with fog machines, and a cross section of lounge areas.

Specialty libations, like the “love you long time” chaser, containing horny goat weed (the owner Armin Armiri swears he no longer longs for Viagra), keep the night interesting.

A strip pole invites guests to perform, but if you’re lucky you’ll get a peak at one of the paid professionals.

Here’s a hint to get inside: The doorman notices shoes. For him, it’s in the details. This isn’t meatpacking. Less crassy, more erotic? Observe the sign.

this is not a brothel. there are no prostitutes at this address.

Mondays@ Mister H
The Mondrian Soho (back entrance)
9 Crosby Street, but entrance is btw Grand and Hester on Lafayette.
New York City