The Ultimate Night Protection– Man Repeller Jewelry

Mr. DanniJo collection
ph: Aram Bedrossian/ Man Repeller
Just the jewels, not the shoes.

The combined efforts of DanniJo and Man Repeller (a well-known blogger) makes Mr. DanniJo.

Oxidized brass collar by mr.dannijo aram

salvador moustache necklace mr. dannijo

color stache iphone 4 case mr. dannijo
It contains everything from oxidized brass collars, to mustache necklaces, and brass knuckle bow rings. Even an adorable iPhone case. With the world as it is, and New York men as they are—for the girl who clubs, think of these items as a necessity.

herman jeweled clip on bow tie

Kristen by mr. dannijo three bow cowboy tie necklace

Although many of the pieces are in oxidized gold, silver, and Swarowski crystals, the price point is exemplary, with all items shown below $200.

Where to Buy:

As of now, the DanniJo website is the best place. But stockists should be moving items to NYC stores shortly.