The Chainsmokers and Reggie Ruck @ Riff Raff (Tiki Tiki)

girls with flamingo at riff raff nyc
ph:Kirill Was Here

I have been hearing for weeks from random party goers— Riff Raff is INSANE on Tuesdays. It’s all a fantastic blur. I wake up dizzy happy with face paint on my pillow…”

But I stayed away. Why? Because I’m bored by nightlife, in disbelief of the hype. My skepticism ends tonight. I heard The Chainsmokers at SL NYC and they did well with pop-top40s-house. Taking in account Riff Raff/The Riffa’s superb music strategy— let the DJ play whatever they f-in want… I thought, this could be amazing.

Alex Pall & Rhett Bixler, who comprise the duo, focus on house and electro, but will delve into indie rock, hip hop, and top 40s when the mood strikes. Their greatest strength? The most unlikely smooth transitions.

Riff Raff is not the hottest spot in their repertoire. They have played ALL OVER. 1OAK, Le Bain, Lavo, RDV, and every sceney hotel bar in the city.

A surefire brew for a night of follies:

1.Good music
2.Pretty,lively crowd covered in face paint(supplied non gratis in house) and other signs of debauchery
3.Everflowing, mysterious spiked punch

Did I mention they serve drinks in pink, plastic flamingos?

riff raff women w tiki sign
ph:Kirill Was Here

Reggie Ruck(my boy!!!!) to open (11pm)
The Chainsmokers
Tuesdays@ Riff Raff
East 26th St at Park Avenue
New York City