How To Go Hipster To Hoodrat; A-Trak @ Westway

A-trak Spinning
ph:Kirill Was Here

Even the runoff from Electric Zoo is sweet! One should expect the unexpected? And I did, keeping my ears low to the ground, bouncing from party to party, I came across the most unexpected gem of a good time. Fool’s Gold Records afterparty at Westway!!

There were ghetto prostitutes dancing at Westway last night. On a rainbow lit-up floor with chubby Asian boys and skinny hipster girls as A-Trak performed.

front shot of chubby prostitute
Chubby prostitute from back at westwayprostitute grinding with hipster asian boy
skinny hipster girl getting pounded by prostitute

Mystikal/Shake it Fast

Holding true to the owners (Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte of Smile/Jane Ballroom)’s dream for a urban oasis of earthly delights steeped in ironic 90s hiphop and electronic music, it added a special high-pow to the too-cool-for-bottle-service club scene.

Foxy Brown and Jay-Z/Ain’t No Nigga

Made my night. Speaking of the unexpected? The crowd inside is better than the vast majority of its competitors, ahem Le Bain (without a door policy outside of the legal drinking age).

black guy with pretty girl kissing him
ph:Kirill Was Here

Dirty/sexy scenster boys
Hoodlums with style
Babydoll faced girls seeking the for-mentioned men
Cougars on a mission
Standard in-crowd (models, creatives)

Pretty Girls Laughing
ph:Kirill Was Here

What’s missing? Middle-aged creepers, Jersey trash, Eurotrash, club skanks, people that want to be pretty/cool, stick-up-ass people.

Much is in thanks to low-key publicity, its appearance, and location. This place is GRIMY. SEEDY. Way off the beaten track, off the Westside Highway. Too low for meatpacking and a stretch to walk in heels for villagers.

Digital Underground/Humpty Dance

Inside is no frills. Drinks are served in plastic cups. The lighting is dim and few changes have been made since its prior life as a nude cabaret club. According to the owners, they are most proud of the sound. The sound is full, rich. It’s loud but so balanced, that the pounding bass adds warmth.
I tried my best to record the happenings via BB, but it was tough.
The strip of people (A-Trak’s posse) lining the stage,
A-trak and Posse on Stage at Westway

Blonde Cowgirl at Westway

…the blonde cowgirl hiphop fiend, and the big girls. They got it in too last night.
Big Girls Get it In at Westway

And enjoy the random/scattered musical bits. Since I can’t deliver the Niggas in Paris mix dropped by A-Trak last night, I am offering all of his oldschool favs.

But I wish you came! He raked through Watch the Throne, older hits by Kanye West and Jay Z, Baby, Drake. Lovingly. Dug up samples, 90s hiphop, eighties classics, and slickly produced West Coast hits (N.R.A). It was the first time I heard hip hop treated like a story, going through each period of of realization and inspiration like a mother combing through the family photo albums.

The best bet is to track the dj’s. This is a club that can feel like Cheers, where over time, everyone can know your name, but as the djs are relied on to promote their nights, there is a total crowd change over depending on who is on deck. Be wary.

Westway Strip Club
75 Clarkson St (By Westside Highway)
New York City