Self-Centered Art; Create a List on You, Post on Wall, “Art” About You.

my list art

One fine day I walked into my friend Michael’s apartment on the posh side of the East Village and looked up. On silk screened canvas was the closest thing to his heart, his favorite music.

When I asked where he got it, I thought he’d say Urban Outfitters or IKEA, but nope—- he made it himself.

This isn’t how he pays his bills. He did that for years as the legal right arm of Don Charney (founder/owner of American Apparel) and continues to do so using his many illustrious degrees. But this is for fun. Its fun for him to take customized requests detailing the desired font, exactly erected list, and item’s size. It’s also fun to sit down, order, organize the contents of your heart.

Best part? It will be ready for all the world to see!!!!


1)Pick & compose any list of words or phrases
2)Any font
3)Any divider (-,/,*,etc)
4)Any text color (why stop at black???)
5)Any canvas size
6)Orientation (portrait or landscape)

Price: $100 and up for detailed order assistance.