Michel Cleis/ DJ V @ Provacateur

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Unlike the other mega bottle clubs in the city, Provacateur strays from the top 40s chart, be it hip hop or progressive house. Keeping with it too-cool-for-school Parisian roots (yes it has Parisian roots), this Friday’s line up is Michel Cleis (Swiss Chilean techno troubadour) and DJ V (experimental house).

There’s lots to look forward to….. a beautiful crowd and a comfortable venue (lounge for easy listening paired with smoky dance hall featuring cage dancers, stripper poles, and flashing lights), but my heart is set on La Mezcla.

La Mezcla is the crown jewel of Michel’s crown. Released in 2009, it quickly infiltrated the line up of every lounge, discotheque, and loft gathering worldwide. Why? It parades his South American roots.
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Unlike typical techno, it’s not cold, it’s hot.
Warning: Dancing excitedly to La Mezcla may put one in deep trance state.
Imagine the thrill of being surrounded by Aztec drummers for a lethal/exotic/erotic religious gathering. Your blood is safe for now, but who’s dinner? And what lovely lady’s for dessert?

Dj V’s cryptic self-title and vague song names (innocence, vision) bode well with his whistling through the trees aesthetic. Don’t let the term “experimental” scare you… think of his songs as revamped electro lullabies.

Friday, September 23, 2011
Provacateur(Behind the Gansevoort Hotel)
18 9th Avenue
New York City