Spank Rock’s New Album Equals One Last Time For Le Bain

Spank rock outside chillin. promotional photo
ph: Spank Rock Official

I loooove Spank Rock; I love electro-tinged, Pitchfork approved hip-hop. Enough to weather the ghastly crowds of a Saturday night at Le Bain? Possibly.

I have endured Santos for Spank Rock. Could it be much worse than the humiliating door search and pat down? We will see.

Even if it gets painful, it might be worth it. “Everything is Boring and Everyone is a F*cking Liar” is being toted (by Spank Rock) as the best hiphop album of the year. It’s their second album and their fan base (having grown through regular dj gigs) is ready to celebrate their new effort. Preview it here

In case you are not on the ups with Spank Rock…if you like Chromeo or A-Track, Wiz Khalifa/Tyler the Creator, or even Theophilus you might like Spank. Spank pulls more readily from 90s hiphop (the golden era), and the music is more techno/electro versus disco/dance. But who knows? It’s a new album. Could be full of surprises.

This is my great hope for Le Bain. All this “hip-hop” will scare away the eurotrash (hairy lil men with no luck at love) and bring in cool hipster kids that made Le Bain cool—back when it was cool. Outside of Fashion Week (Lovecat, we looove you!)

The last great night at Le Bain was when Diplo’s kids graced the deck. Spank Rock works with Diplo and has appeared on his tour. He was approved and used to market Alexander Wang.

spank rock, santigold, alexander wang
ph:Spank Rock Official

I am not saying stay all night. I am encouraging you to stop by and have a Plan B ready. Mine? Provacateur. Electric Room. Feeling out the night.

spank rock, decades hat promo shot
ph:Spank Rock Official

Album hits stores on September 25th

Saturday, September 25th, 2011
Le Bain @ The Standard Hotel
144 W. 13th st
New York City