Tight Spot Lowdown in a Hard Place; Talking Heads Brings Commentary on Global Inflation Parkside

David byrne, talking heads, tight spot
ph: Wall Street Journal

Ever read up on the Highline? Originally a bustling channel of commerce with trollies/trains whizzing by to bring the tools of industry to warehouses and production sites on the Westside, the powers that be decided to move the tracks up (into the sky) since for some reason, Victorian New Yorkers could not shuffle out the way of horse drawn vehicles!!!!

Fast forward to industry shifts of a decaying New York (70s, 80s) and the tracks were unneeded. Pollen carried by far off waterside breezes brought exotic urban flora/fauna (think fruit trees, wildflowers, songbirds, and the vagrant homeless/runaway/prostitutes that hid amongst it for protection and comfort)

When a bunch of altruistic rich people decided to come together around the turn of the century to create a new urban park, one that was planned and reflected the architecture, culture, and climate of the city, the world watched, breathe abated.

tight spot, david byrne in blue, highline

Tight Spot by Talking Heads pioneers merging media ad political concepts/ theories with the unsuspecting public. Will most people know why they just walked past a hyper-inflated, squished Earth? Maybe not. But perhaps they will Google it, consider the theories inferred, and weigh and scale the evidence for their own personal truth.

Tight Spot will be on view until October 1, 2011 under the High Line at 508 West 25th Street in New York City.