Shallow Gals Love Lavo Because Lavo Loves Us Right Back

balloons disco ball party

In honor of Lavo NYC’s one year anniversary, I compiled with friends the list of goodies we have received over the past year….and its extensive.

moustache, leis, shades lavo nyc

Is Lavo the nightlife codename for the Mr. Klaus?  Juuuust maybe.

pretty blonde model fish face blow up inflatable toy

Here is a round up:

Jade green afro wig
Wooden cha-cha shakers
Red rubber lips
Jade feather boa
Leis in assorted colors
“We ❤ Lavo” Wayfarers
Blow-up fish
Calvin Harris foam hand
Genie bottle
Calvin Harris light-up shades
Beach ball
Trapeze ring
Black Moustache
Blow up zebra
Glittered top hat
Ducky float
Sequined mask
Polo hat
“Lavo” pink straw
Marilyn Monroe mask
Light-up aviator shades
Brasilien flag
Priceless memories

acrobat dancer sequin unitard trapeze ring lavo nyc

Who can do Vegas Meets Uptown better? Remember the magic of the Bikini Brunch? Remember when Martin Solveig came to town? When Paris Hilton held her tack-tastic bash, or even better….. Heidi Klum for Halloween??

I don’t know what your times have been like, but at this point, after a year of sharing private tables with supermodels, world class athletes, and Hollywood’s finest, I am dead excited for Thursday. On with Lavo!!!

Feel free to reminisce. All photos are personal snapshots.

Thursday, October 6th, 2011
Laidback Luke @ Lavo NYC
58th and Madison
New York City