Truth or Dare, Bare It All(Or Not). Nips, Lacey Bits, & Sheer(See All) Tops.

vlada ysl yeves saint laurent nipples sheer knit sweater
ph: Coolspotters

A couple months ago editors were proclaiming the end of the miniskirt and the reign of how-low-can-you-go cleavage. Why stop there? Why not bare it all?

I am serious. There are some dilemmas when wearing a completely sheer top, but if you have small breasts, why not rock the nips? If you must wear a bra, go lacey, sheer, or opaque/padded/push-up?

It all depends (of course) the the sheerity of the item, the shape of your breasts, and your chutzpah.

natalia voldianova givenchy party sheer sequins silver

In my opinion, as long as your breasts are “up”, regardless of size, go free and easy under the barely sheer top, like Natalia’s.

carine roitfeld miu miu sheer black blouse dress givenchy party

If you have some serious girls and the top is essentially a mesh covering? Get a bra. Preferably something pretty.

Gisele bundchen sheer knit black bra givenchy party

Sometimes a bra can really add something, like contrasting colors with a sheer knit. It also means no hateful stares when you cruise the streets in daylight.

liv tyler fernanda motta givenchy party

But for the girl who really has nothing—just nothing, but is still gun shy, there are a few options:

1.The strategically open jacket
2.The sheer lacey bralette
3.Buy a sheer blouse with pockets. (They are also easily added via your local tailor)

With all of the options provided, I will be going the naughty-nineties nostalgic, minimalistic, no bra, bouncing free.  But for all you good girls out there, I hope I helped.