Autumnal Dressings. Tights For Seasonal Breezes &Chilled Nights

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Some trends are trends. Some trends are necessities based on the whims of mother nature. For skinny (shallow) gals everywhere, tights are essential while on foot in New York.

But what is best? Initially, I would assume the big name greats—– Fogal (Gossip Girl approved), Wolford, or even DKNY.  According the testing oversaw by a F.I.T professor (Sam Cormier) and New York Magazine, assuming just makes an ass out of you and me.

For sheer warmth, the recommended Kate Spade and Urban Outfitters. For durability , Duane Reade, Wolford, and Topshop.

And so? The best bargain was Duane Reade @ $6.99. (Shocking since everything else in the store is grossly overpriced.)

The warmest (and prettiest) is Kate Spade @ $28.

The softest and probably the best fitting? Wolford @$44.

Last but not least, our overpriced hipster haven, steals the show with a great mid-value tight. It’s the strongest, comes in loads of colors, one of the warmest, and only $12.

Some other great options are:

***Commando ($34@ Saks Fifth)-wears beautifully with a fantastic fit.
***Topshop ($12)-wears better than the Urban Outfitters but not as warm.

Happy fall shopping!!!

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