Lavo From Below; Lavo NY Nightclub

lavo ny nightclub dancer silver metallic costume
ph:Enes Kolenovic

Have you ever spotted a sexy stranger from across the room, consumed in their smile, gait, apparently charmed life, and thought…..they would be great, if just for tonight? Lavo was this way for me. The first two weeks were a glittering masterpiece, and then things got comfortable. There were Lavo regulars. Started feeling like Cheers. And every so often, there would another perfect night, perfect set, and I’d spend the evening with the best of friends and unlimited rose, chasing the glowing hours with flying feet, sweat on my brow, and my heart in the sky.

What would be more Shallow Gal than piecing together a family album of the finest point’s of Lavo’s first year? (Ahem!!! Solveig)


Before indulging in this night’s festivities, skim through our beautiful baby’s album, tracing back highlights of her life.

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ph:World Redeye, NJ Underground, KirillWasHere

With SOOOO many memories in the first year, what is left for the second? The second arm (and we’re already onto a great start!!)
arms tattoo fan backstage avicii hardwell dj am laidback luke steve aoki afrojack

Laidback Luke-1:30am-3:30am
39 East 58th St
New York City