subMercer For Sale! Debut of Record Label ((M)) The Underground Series

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In the words of The Night People (Escobar, Blu Jemz, LLowdski), champions of underground house & disco, its about time for the work of underground NYC electronic artists to be elevated and cultivated.

This label is stamped with the brand of the subMercer, the Soho haunt of choice for audiophiles and those with discriminating style. Despite catering to house, disco, and all things electronic, its been shouted out by Jay-Z, and celebs frequently hide in this glorified basement, two floors below the Mercer Hotel, to enjoy a magnanimous sound system with coveted DJs performing with NO RESTRICTIONS.

This event is bound to get press.

If you know nothing of underground house, and are completely unconnected to the downtown artful scene, go for the free booze during the listening party. Go to meet good people to know. Unpretentious, connected, and creative.



Thursday, October 6th, 2011
10pm-midnight (listening party)
12am-4am (celebration)
147 1/2 Mercer Street
New York City