NY Nightlife In It’s Heydey; Studio 54 Resurrected For One Night

crowd studio 54 anniversary party

Were you there? Better yet, were you invited? If not, here is the wake-up call you needed: you are not that important, hot, cool, or connected. Otherwise, your presence would have been desired in that room.

The former club turned theater was nostalgically reborn in honor of Sirius XM Radio and its popular Studio 54 station. The marketing gimmick worked!!!! Celebs and glitterati came out. Naomi Campbell. Kevin Bacon. Rachel Zoe. Just the kind of notorious figures you need for the I can’t believe blank did that—they were so f-d up/I was so f-d up stories the next day tall tales for your friends.

Did I mention Avicii was spinning? Collective sigh.

Some sweet pics from a great night, courtesy of my friend Kristen Somody Whalen:


naomi campbell riccardo tisci

Kevin Baconalexandra richardsChris Benz at Studio 54liya kebede

Grounded Aerial dancer martial arts mid airgrounded aerial dancer in feathers cross dress mangrounded aerial dancers fighting mid air studio 54

SEXY CROWD———————————-

studio 54 2011 sirius xm crowd shot
Champagne spray on crowdwoman sexy high kick dancing with friends