Twin Shadow Shines@ Le Bain, Courtesy of Urban Outiftters/Making Time

george lewis jr of twin shadow ph:Stereo Gum     The time has come to visit Le Bain once more. The list was closed by Friday morning. And the band is really the one man indie army, George Lewis Jr. He hails from the gator filled swamps of Venice (the wee isle off the coast of Florida) and chased away the doldrums of small town living with Duke Ellington, Morissey, and scattered eighties icons.   From there, things got better. He is touring right now as the opener for Florence and the Machines, making one pit stop tonight at Le Bain.

Ooooo, and just so ya know, the pool is CLOSED. No more naked, creepy men looking for sex. In fact, no more creepy men! This is a Making Time/ Urban Outfitters production. Only cool people can enter.

The video for Castles in the Snow features punks in Brazil: Tonight!!!!

Line up:
Twin Shadow
Dave P/Sammy Slice/Mike Z.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Le Bain @ The Standard Hotel

444 West 13th St.

New York City