Thugs, Whores, and Gents For Gangs of New York@Liberty Theatre

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There is more than one Gangs party, but this is the most models/bottles, christens a new space for the sake of NY nightlife, and will probably generate the most buzz this season.

If you have gotten smart, you’d realize models just means hot chicks with no clothes… who attract semi interesting men of significant (financial) worth. I will probably stop by. It MIGHT be great.

Liberty Theater is large, dynamic, and historical. Built in the late 19th century, it was conceived in midst the real gangs of New York, therefore, being the perfect setting for an old New York soiree.

Felix Da Housecat is spinning.

Downsides are abound. It’s uptown. The theme is unoriginal (The Box, Oak) and messy. It encourages themed dressing, but there is litlle direction. One person told me to dress like a character in the famed Scorcese movie. Too difficult. Another said, just wear something sexy. Ehhhhhhh, I’ll go for space-age cowgirl with pistol in tow.

There are “ticket sales”, meaning normal people can gain entry. Ewwwww.

But on the other hand… Ticket sales means more hot guys. There will be SOMETHING for us to look at. I would say….. just time entry, and call a car beforehand for an easy escape. Cabs will be hard to come by in the rain. With the holiday.

Friday, October 28, 2011
Liberty Theater
234 West 41 St
New York City