Alesso and Lil Devils in Their Skivvies. This Friday @ Lavo NY

arlenis sosa terry richardson french vogue paris 2009 calendar

When you get multiple texts from promoters on the same event, you know its a biggie. Biggie equals numerous big spenders eagerly awaiting the meat. In this case? Halloween whores and the champagne fueled sex that follows. I am not sure if I can stomach it. Girls shakin it for the invisible dollar, but on the other hand—– everybody else is doing it. Everybody else is going. Damn cheap whorelettes.

Sometimes it’s helpful to see the big picture. A L E S S O. Alesso does great top 40s house. He’ll keep the energy going all night, and hasn’t disappointed me yet.

To avoid wanting to shoot yourself through the temple, just get wasted. Stupidfaced. Put on something soo tacky, that it’s an inside joke, and guzzle up on the free booze.