Halloween Spectacular: Chainsmokers Perform @Dream Downtown’s (New) Gallery!

gemma ward v magazine gramercy party 2007
ph:JD Vision

And so the fun continues. More parties tonight (of course). Aren’t you thankful you pieced together more than one costume?

No major celeb backing for this one. Doubtful any A-list spottings, but I was told by the event producer that the music would be GOOD. Good? Does that mean no short leash placed on talent? Chainsmokers excels at electropop, indie rock, house mixes. So many big time djs are kickass producers who simply perform their own music for adoring fans. The Chainsmokers are not big time producers; they are gifted mixologists.

I HOPE they pull in some nu-disco. Wouldn’t it be magical if the Gallery (newest chunk of the Dream Downtown) had a touch of Paris for the night?

Tix are 30 bucks. Dress code? Costume of your choice.

I am going for the free booze, cuz all my friends are going, and I wanna see the Gallery!!

It’s 6,000 square feet (Same size as Lavo!!!) and is expected to house major DJs, massive parties, and work alongside the lounge, The Electric Room. This is a way for the common man to get a taste of the high life to come.

Gallery@ Dream Downtown
(Massive Cheese Grater)
16th and 9th Avenue
New York City