Saturday Stops

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Day/Night (Ajna Restaurant)– Ever since they opened shop, Lavo brunch hasn’t been the same. All the cool people left.

Lavo Brunch– they are trying to pull out the big guns with Slick Rick on deck. Don’t know if it will work, but sometimes a lil Vegas is nice int he morning. Worth a peak.

Top of the Standard (Boom Boom Room)- The Andres’ (Saraiva and Balasz) are hosting their annual Saints n’ Sinners Ball. I was advised to come early, so I am telling you to do the same. Interesting folks always pass through.

Southside— The annual creepfest will be fun. Sneak in for a couple drinks, say hi to the locals, and enjoy a chill atmosphere. Perfect spot to crash before the beginning a crazy night.

Mulberry Project– Modest yes, but no cover and it’s bound to be busy early. So early, I am planning to make it my first stop. They have a theme “Superhero Saturday”, but stick to my cleavage/body glitter mantra and you should be fine.

Red Egg (202 Centre St)- It’s the latest pop-up club, and it’s Halloween bash is as off-center as you would imagine. Two of Simonez’s friends, Prabal Gurung/Shaun Lee Lewis, are organizing a Sisters Halloween Ball. Expect fantastically cruel drag costumes and great photo-ops.

Ph-D (Penthouse@Dream Downtown)- Today is their big day. Costumes recommended, celebrity spottings, the whole she-bang. Their parties traditionally die by 1.30am, and being so close to the Gallery, it is a great midnight stop.

Lavo- Their premiere Halloween bash is a lil too Vegas for me. I refused it a full post due to the headlining act—Kim Kardashian/ DJ Kiss. However, there will be hip-hop, tacktastic costumes, and tons of bubbly. If that’s your thing, head down.