Sunday (Halloween) Round-Up

dree hemingway and jamie stratchan boom boom top of the standard saints sinners ball
ph:Guest of a Guest

Club 39/Escuelita–Terry Richardson and V Magazine are hosting a lil soiree of their own at this drag bar. Expect karaoke performances, supermodels as DJs (Joan Smalls, Candice Swanepoel) Best part is it’s at dinner time. Perfect excuse to drink your meal and get a pre-party warm-up before taking advantage of better weather.

The Standard Grill–is hosting an epic bingo, catering to the close friends of the Andres and VIPs of Boom Boom. It will be hard to get a reservation, but if you know somebody, it will definitely be a Halloween dinner to remember!

Sway Lounge–If you haven’t you haven’t been to their Sunday party before, I feel sorry for you! It’s a cooler Kenmare. Younger, more beautiful crowd. Less money, less pretension. Genuinely cool music. Morrissey nights. The Cults. Mixed in with nostalgic and indie rock favorites. Halloween there is usually good in this calm/cool way. Everyone want to have a good time—collectively. Very free love/hippie ho-down, but that can be fun.