Joao Daniel Bids Farewell

ph: Butter Group

Joao Daniel, VIP host of 1 Oak, is beloved for many reasons. A notorious ladies man with a well-earned reputation balanced his time beautifully courting industry heads, entertainers, grade a model meat…… He is a big part of the reason why 1 Oak still has a decent crowd after all these years.

And he is leaving!!!!

It’s easy to see him as that guy at 1 Oak, but really? He worked at 60 Thompson when it was cool, Pink Elephant during better times, Juliett, Greenhouse, Marquee, Covet, CAIN! If you’re old enough to remember that…

He helped to launch the Gansevoort pool parties.

Just in case you want to stop by/ say goodbye:

Music: George Garcia/Bobby Blaze/Kyle Rayner/Vikas

…and hopefully a lil Joao…

Thursday, November 3, 2011
1 Oak (One of A Kind)
453 West 17th St
New York City