LoveCat. Eyes Wide Shut. Halloween 2011

asian model nude sushi lovecat magazine halloween

LoveCat Magazine has successfully caught the eye of the “coolspotters” in New York with a peek at Paz de la Huerta clean crotch on their debut cover. Classy bitches!!!

At that point, where is there to go? Here are a few ideas:

Sushi served on passively reclined (nude) Asian girl. A supermodel reduced to Britney Spears impersonations. Snake on neck, weave, and all.

But this is fashion. The key players are less interested in the marketing of clothes, more interested in capturing the male gaze (and the support of Kanon Organic Vodka).

My genuine guess is that this magazine is not a fashion magazine at all; it’s artful pornography for discriminating gentlemen. Their exact words were a “model fanzine.”

The website of Kanon (the official sponsor) described the party’s setting as a series of rooms. The dining room with the ‘sushi on naked chick’ was one room; others featured different scenarios.

Room 1—two dominatrix models offering to tie up their victims in lace.

dominitrix spanking model lovecat halloween party 2011
ph:Adeen Magazine

Room 2— A caricature drawing station (I assume clothing optional)…. I am thinking Titanic but less loving.

drawing station lovecat magazine halloween

Room 3—One. Very. Large. Bed.

ladies in black lace bed lovecat magazine

The cherry on top was the naked woman who served as a guide for the guests.

topless woman lovecat magazine halloween party 2011
ph:Adeen Magazine

Scott Lipps (of One Model Management) helped to put all this together.

I did spot a few pics of women genuinely in costume (in midst the hordes of models to hos trainees). But what the f— why not show you all? And what do you think? Fashion magazine marketing gimmick, or chi-chi take on a Hustler event?

379016_10150374382424586_683444585_8189143_1876348633_n 309872_10150374381999586_683444585_8189140_514674016_n

model victorian whore prostitute courtesan halloween costume

brazilian model in sexy halloween police costume thigh stockings

models dancing jessica white byrdie bell lovecat halloween party


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All pictures from Kanon Organic Vodka unless otherwise stated