La Ombre Des Couleurs. Artful Tresses

abbey lee kershaw bikini color bug kevin murphy hair pink
ph:The Down Low

Kevin Murphy recently launched Color Bug. At just the right time.

Sure, Halloween has passed, but with parties like “on Top” gaining ground, the golden era of New York nightlife is having a nostalgic comeback.

pink hair thakoon spring 2012
ph:Refinery 29

In Thakoon’s show, Odile Gilbert (Kerastase) lent from an Indian art of coloring hair with pink clay. The result was a bit surreal, even mystical.

Color Bug’s effect is a bit softer, more flexible, and just as temporary. It shows up beautifully on blondes and brunettes. Three shades:lilac, coral, pink.

temporary hair color pink purple color bug
ph:Bang Style

Applied with a (chalky) powder, the user can add as much as they want, particularly to the ends for an ombre, punky pretty effect. Artful plays with texture are welcome.

The best part? It’s a reason to leave the typical “prostitutes are welcome” bash for a more intimate gathering. You might have to BUY A DRINK. But isn’t a beautiful night at Boom Boom worth it?

Kevin Murphy, $20 each, sold by Kevin Murphy