ATB @Lavo NY

ATB electric zoo factory smoke stage
ph: The Music Street Team

ATB is famous. Some refer to him as a legend. Musical god. The DJ List claims he’s #1 in the world. But is this a must this week? I dunno… only if you want to hear a German trance superstar.

Andre Tanneberger isn’t just coming to Lavo. He is on a US tour called Distant Earth, bringing tasty low-cal bits of his latest album to you, remixed.

There is a cover charge; (learn something new everyday) Lavo has cover charges!!

$40 (if you’re not hot, cool, yada yada)
Thursday, November 10, 2011
Doors open at 11pm (get there early so you can actually get in)
Lavo NY
58th and Madison
New York City