Jumps Off Screen, Into Your Heart & Hands lindsay wixson cover

Shallow Gal has been slow on the uptake!!!’s print edition hit the stands on October 31st (in midst Halloween slutty/drunken craziness)

My favorite pout is on the cover. Lindsay Wixson (Vixen). And it comes on gorgeous heavy stock glossy paper. Less magazine, more luxurious reading material. This explains only 3 issues yearly.

For everyone who thought that was Vogues official website—not exactly. This journal also allows readers to participate by weighing stories with greater viewer traffic, and discussing the divide between the editorial consensus and the masses. Kinda revolutionary. Seriously.

A-hem. $14.95. Sticker shock much?

Purchased at newsstands near you, Kirna Zabete, Corso Como, and Colette.