Firefly Soles and Angel Wings: Glow In the Dark Sneakers

ph:Freshness Magazine

A toast to the reviving joie-de-vivre of fashion and New York at night, glow-in the-dark sneaks are lovely escape from treacherous stilettos with accompanying too short/tight dresses, deathly smoked makeup, and black–ALL black ensembles.

Jeremy Scott triggering an aesthetic bloom is no surprise; he’s been drumming along pop savvy, whimsically spirited designs for his cultish following for years with the nurturing support of editors across the globe.  But years of ingenuity fail to take the bite off something truly memorable— glowing angel wings for your feet.

Other ‘designers’ have come out with some sort of L.A. Lights throwback, but are they pretty? No.

For the ultimate coup de cool girl, spice up some Isabel Marant wedge sneakers, with glow in the dark laces as a sweet, memorable touch. The yester years version has a simple chemical coating subject to wear and FADING over time. Enter laser lights—self-illuminating LED shoe laces that are BATTERY OPERATED. For the sneaker obsessed, vaguely techy girl in you.

glowing shoe laces
ph:Laser Laces