Bob Sinclar @Provocateur

Bob got his start working alongside a co-founder of Daft Punk, reworking Jane Fonda’s voice (from her notorious workout tapes) into a global hit. Since then, he transitioned easily from a background in… Continue reading

Saturday Stops

ph:Fash-ccentric Day/Night (Ajna Restaurant)– Ever since they opened shop, Lavo brunch hasn’t been the same. All the cool people left. Lavo Brunch– they are trying to pull out the big guns with Slick… Continue reading

Alesso and Lil Devils in Their Skivvies. This Friday @ Lavo NY

ph:Fashionologie When you get multiple texts from promoters on the same event, you know its a biggie. Biggie equals numerous big spenders eagerly awaiting the meat. In this case? Halloween whores and the… Continue reading

Friday Spots to Hit Up

ph:Guest of a Guest Boom Boom— Their official Halloween party is this Friday, and usually caters to the regulars and VIPS. I heard nothing specific about A-list celeb spottings, but it’s usually busy… Continue reading

Congorock @ LAVO NY

ph:Congorock’s Facebook I am mostly excited for this because Congorock is new. Super new. His street cred has yet to expire and his range of inspirations go beyond the typical pop/house maestros that… Continue reading

Afrojack @ Provocateur

ph:This Song Is Sick This is probably the the best club night for the entire Halloween week, and I have to go, because for the cruelest/most unjust reasons imaginable, I have yet to… Continue reading

Playboys & Their Bunnies on Elm Street; Gili Lev’s Halloween Bash

Last year at Essex House was good. This year, the Playboy mansion might bring things to a dizzying pace. Playboy bunnies will be in house, along with the skeazy (old/rich) men they attract.… Continue reading

Thugs, Whores, and Gents For Gangs of New York@Liberty Theatre

ph:Fashionising There is more than one Gangs party, but this is the most models/bottles, christens a new space for the sake of NY nightlife, and will probably generate the most buzz this season.… Continue reading

Twin Shadow Shines@ Le Bain, Courtesy of Urban Outiftters/Making Time

ph:Stereo Gum     The time has come to visit Le Bain once more. The list was closed by Friday morning. And the band is really the one man indie army, George Lewis… Continue reading

Who Wants To Be A Cheap Slut?? Me!! It’s That Time of Year Again. Halloween.

ph:New Faces Planning out the perfect costume is HARD. For the typical (cool) New Yorker……. at least 3 on this revered weekend? And all different in feel. Some fashionable, some dirty/artsy,  and others… Continue reading