Joachim Garraud @ Lavo NYC

ph:Electro-Dance Floor This is why I love the fall season in New York. Summer might be sexy, but the fall brings in some of the best acts of the year. Joachim Garraud, one… Continue reading

NY Nightlife In It’s Heydey; Studio 54 Resurrected For One Night

Were you there? Better yet, were you invited? If not, here is the wake-up call you needed: you are not that important, hot, cool, or connected. Otherwise, your presence would have been desired… Continue reading

A-Trak Takes Over Tribeca Grand. 4 Year Anniversary For Fool’s Gold

ph:A-Trak/Fool’s Gold Much of the Fool’s Gold line up is coming out to start a raucous this Saturday. I will start with what;’s missing: Chromeo. He’s on tour, promoting his new album/singles, and… Continue reading

Fool’s Gold 4 Four year Anniversary Flyer Info

Fool's Gold 4 Four year Anniversary Flyer Info

Brights, Stripes, Baroque Swirls, & Other Printastic Leanings

ph: Grazia Magazine/Zone 7 Style I ditched a summer fling turned toxic and I just started getting my swagger back. Gotta dress for it. Point of inspiration? Old men cruisin for chickies on… Continue reading

Jay Sean @SL(EMM Group)

ph:Sweets Lyrics My favorite British crooner is making a surprise appearance at SL (Simyone Lounge) tonight to perform his new song, “Let’s Go!” It’s sort of a must-see….. and of course, the tip… Continue reading

subMercer For Sale! Debut of Record Label ((M)) The Underground Series

ph:DJ Shop In the words of The Night People (Escobar, Blu Jemz, LLowdski), champions of underground house & disco, its about time for the work of underground NYC electronic artists to be elevated… Continue reading

Lavo From Below; Lavo NY Nightclub

ph:Enes Kolenovic Have you ever spotted a sexy stranger from across the room, consumed in their smile, gait, apparently charmed life, and thought…..they would be great, if just for tonight? Lavo was this… Continue reading

Autumnal Dressings. Tights For Seasonal Breezes &Chilled Nights

ph:Urban Outfitters Blog Some trends are trends. Some trends are necessities based on the whims of mother nature. For skinny (shallow) gals everywhere, tights are essential while on foot in New York. But… Continue reading

Paul Oakenfold@Provocateur NY

ph:Hipster Wave It’s been a bit since I spied Paul, since the Vitamin Water Summer Series at the Gansevoort Park Avenue rooftop pool. Lucky us, The One Group brought him back. The unfortunate… Continue reading